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Do you want a free tattoo?

Use this form to submit what tattoo you're wanting, and why you think we should pick you! You can also use this form to submit for other people if you feel someone in your life could use a new and free tattoo! 

Size cannot exceed a 12x12 inch area.

To qualify: You must be 18 & over, and must have purchased or will purchase a presale ticket by 7/26, when the winner will be announced. 

Tattoo will be done at Anchor & Rose Tattoo Co. in Tulsa, OK. Anchor & Rose Tattoo Co. is owned and operated by The Homeward Bound Tattoo Expo's organizers, Danielle and Marceau. Scheduling will be done specifically with the artist we feel would be best for this project. Scheduling times vary per artist. 

Contact Information:

Do you have photos to help describe what you're wanting?

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why do you think you/or someone you know should win this free tattoo?

Thanks for submitting!

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