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Artist booth application

Use this form to apply for a booth. If approved, an e-mail and link will be sent for payment. Payment must be made a week from when the invoice is sent or the booth will be forfeited. Filling out an application doesn't gaurantee a booth. 

Tattoo Booth Cost: $600 for a single 10 x 10, two artist booth. $1100 for a double booth (two 10 by 10 booths). Includes: A lanyard will be provided for each artist attending, as well as one helper per booth.
NO PIERCERS (we only have a certain amount of piercers per show)

Out of state artists: Due to the show being held on Tribal Land, you will not need to hold an Oklahoma Department of Health license.

 All artists: will be required to pay a $30 fee per artist for the Osage Tribal Tax Commission to be licensed to tattoo in the Osage Nation. This will be added to the invoice. You will still need to send us a photo of your current license in your home state. 

Contact Information:

Which show are you applying for?

please select how many booths:

10x10 booth
Fits 2 artists

10x20 Booth
Must have at least three artists.

If selected, we will contact you to get more information on artists attending. Triple booths must have at least five artists.

Booth Information:

artist information:

Thanks for submitting! If approved, you will receive a payment link within the next 3-4 business days.

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